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What to Do When Your Content Goes Viral

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How do you take opportunities and run with them? This is the most central question to businesses in every arena: striking while the iron is hot is the key to success. 

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Clean Up Your Copy: Tips for Better Content Marketing

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Content is a powerful means of connecting with your customers. In fact, Seth Godin famously said content marketing is “all the marketing that’s left." To produce effective written content, you must begin with a foundation of good writing, which isn’t as simple as it sounds. If writing doesn’t come naturally to you,…

How to Produce Juicy Content That Catches Eyeballs

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Where I live in Los Angeles, I constantly see billboards for popular YouTubers, which tells me that Google is investing a lot of money into helping popular brands succeed. More and more frequently, we are seeing popular YouTubers transcend the internet with content and move into more traditional media and…

Mobile Marketing: How Main Street Businesses are Leveraging the Trend

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Main Street businesses are in a pitched battle with e-commerce mega sites. To compete with the allure of online shopping, local merchants are exploiting every opportunity available to drive in-store purchases. Here are several ways your fellow small businesses are using a rising tide of mobile marketing solutions to attract…

The Content Marketing Strategy You Need to Reach New Customers

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You’ve had the summer to work on your business, and now you’re ready to dive into your content marketing. You may be blogging on your own website regularly, but have you considered contributing content on other blogs? This is called guest blogging, and it can be a highly-effective tool for reaching…
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